Since 2010 when I first visited Dr. Brian Fisher and had new dentures made, I have been very satisfied with the new denture and the kind and caring service the I receive from all of the staff at the Denture Care Clinic.
— Shirley R.
I presented at this office five years ago to investigate implants. Dr. Brian gave me the options of dentures which implies having to use denture adhesive. I balked at that and we agreed to a series of implants. It wasn't a fun process but I am far better having done it. 

You know you are in the right place when his staff has been with him for 20 plus years.

Aside from all of this, Dr. Brian found a lesion on my tongue and insisted I get a biopsy. Sadly, I had a carcinoma. Because he caught it early, I have just one more year before I can call myself a 'survivor'.
— Pat B.

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